Starpil Wax – Stripless Pink (Original Blend) – Low Temperature Hard Wax Tablets for Painless Hair Removal – 2.2lb/35oz Bag, 1 Kilo Pack


  • 👍 Application at Low Temperature – It dries very fast, you can easily apply 2 strips than remove just simply warm the wax to 50 degree celcius or 120 degree fahrenheit full liquid form, adjust temperature (25-30 minutes – 1/2 pot) and 40-45 minutes – full pot), best partner Starpil Prepil gel (prep your skin for waxing).
  • 👍 No Strips Needed for Removal – A pine rosin-free with no perfumes, coloring agents, or preservatives, good for removing hair stripless.
  • 👍 Ideal for Brazilian Bikini Waxing – Also great for all-over use, the fact that it heats at low temperature, creating a perfect texture, consistency and is effective for full-body use.
  • 👍 Less Painful than Strip Wax – A luxury clear wax formula, designed for hypersensitive skin and it creates a painless removal of hair and flawless waxing experience. This hair removal wax is made with neurosensory properties to ensure utmost comfort, even for clients with hyper-sensitive skin types.
  • 👍 Pulls Hairs as Short as 1mm – Grabs the fine hairs and feels wonder on a very reactive skin. The wax is perfect on your body where the thin hair grows, gives you no sign of irritation or redness at all and you can absolutely use this wax for facial waxing.

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