Marbotic – Smart Letters for iPad – Interactive Wooden Uppercase Letters for Learning to Read- Ages 2 to 5 -Used in Kindergartens


  • Wooden letters like to others: Smart Letters includes 26 wooden uppercase letters that interact with your iPad. When your child stamps a letter in Marbotic App, your tablet recognizes it. Unbelievable, right? The technology behind this magic is unique and patented.
  • Our interactive wooden letters work seamlessly with the Marbotic educational app. Download it on your iPad and unlock it with Smart Letters! Have fun and enjoy hours of learning!
  • Multisensory learning: Inspired by Montessori, Marbotic provides a hands-on learning method that effectively helps preschoolers to learn with multiple senses: vision, hearing and touch. Multisensory is excellent for struggling readers, but it’s a concept that can accelerate every child’s progress.
  • Learning through Play: it has been proven that early literacy and math skills are key predictors of a child’s future academic success. With Marbotic, children learn while having fun in a playful and engaging environment.
  • Compatible with iPad 4 and +. Available in American English, British English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish!

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