Large Polished Kudu Horn Shofar with Natural Colours


  • – A Beautiful Expression of Faith: This large ram’s horn shofar possesses its natural finish and blends together shades of brown and white in a stunning work that exudes rustic beauty
  • – Connect to Jewish History: Ever since the days of the Bible, Jews have blown the shofar at key religious events, such as welcoming the new year on Rosh Hashanah, signaling the Jubilee year and memorializing fast days
  • – Get Inspired: When the shofar is blown and it emits its resounding tone, you will immediately feel a deep connection to your soul, Judaism and God. You will be uplifted as well as inspired to live your life to its fullest
  • – When to Use It: The shofar is traditionally blown after morning services during the month of Elul, during Rosh Hashanah services, after Yom Kippur as well as at celebratory religious events (such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs)
  • – Made in Israel: This authentic shofar is produced from a natural ram’s horn according to traditional techniques by a skilled Israeli artisan

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