Goddard’s Granite Cleaner and Polish Spray – Granite, Marble & Stone Polish – Surface Cleaner for Kitchen Island, Countertops & Other Mineral Furnishings – Granite Cleaning Supplies (16 oz)


    • 2-in-1 Granite and Stone Cleaner: Preserve the beauty and shine of your granite kitchen island or tabletop with Goddard’s granite polish and cleaner. Specially formulated to clean, beautify and protect stone surfaces, this granite sealer easily removes grease, food, and residues leaving a smooth, streak-free finish.
    • Maximum Stone Care: Granite requires special care to maintain its crystalline appearance. Constant use and wear can scratch and deteriorate its surface. Our rock polisher is an effective stain remover spray that thoroughly cleans and provides long-lasting protection to your granite cutting board revealing a smooth shiny look.
    • Safe for Food: This powerful granite cleaner and sealer for kitchen counter and tabletop cleans tough stains, dirt, and residue from stone surfaces avoiding sticking. Goddard’s granite cooktop cleaner formula is safe for food making it ideal for use on cooking boards.
    • Easy to Use: Using this granite stone furniture polish spray is easy and hassle-free. Shake well before applying. Spray the granite countertop cleaner 6 inches from the surface and wipe it immediately with a soft, dry cloth or paper towel. For hard-to-reach areas, apply the granite surface cleaner spray directly onto a cloth and wipe.
    • Trusted Brand: With 170 years of cleaning experience, Goddard’s household essentials are trusted for both professional and home use. Its granite, stone, and marble cleaning products are Kosher-certified and guaranteed to deliver excellent cleaning and polishing results.

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