Bosch D-tect 120 Wallscanner Professional Wall and Floor Detection Scanner The Intuitive Radar Scanner for All Materials


  • Radar Technology: The stud finder uses Bosch-patented radar technology to detect all object types, including live and non-live cables, water-filled plastic pipes, and magnetic and non-magnetic metal
  • Spot View: Delivers immediate results even when there is little or no space to move the wire detector to scan the wall
  • Three detection settings: Choose from one of three detection settings depending on wall type – drywall, concrete or universal mode if the material is unknown
  • Center Finder: Arrows and a signal strength indicator guide users toward the object; the center finder indicator shows when the joist finder has located the object’s center
  • Dual Power Source: For added flexibility, the stud detector can be used with either a 12 V Li-ion battery or standard AA batteries using the battery adapter

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