B. toys – Ball-a-balloos– Textured Balls Set– of 4 Balls For Infants 6 M+


  • Bounce, roll and squeeze: 4 balls Designed to dazzle your toddler senses with shapes, colors and textures
  • Rock N’ rattle: the blue Ball doubles as a rattle and makes a fun noise when played with.
  • Squeak squeak: the blue and green ball squeaks when squeezed!
  • Lovely lights: The green and blue Ball gives off a soothing glow when in motion.
  • A textured curve ball: The pink ball has crazy soft spikes for all kinds of fun play
  • Dexterity development: both simple and fun, These balls offer an early lesson in dexterity and coordination
  • Age limit: the ball-a-balloons set is recommended for infants 6 months and older but can be played with for years afterwards.
  • Dimensions: each ball is less than 4 inches in diameter, making them perfect for little hands
  • Trustworthy… Battat is a family-owned company, established in 1897.

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